The Saturn Awards

We were lucky enough to team up with The Saturn Awards for their red carpet and after party in Burbank, CA hosted by Jeff Ross.

We met Madison Dylan who acted in “Monster School,” Alex Lombard who acted in “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” Dave Elsey who art directed “X-Men: First Class,” Steven Bauer who acted in “Scarface” and “Breaking Bad,” Tiffany Brouwer who acted in “The Help,” Alec Gillis who did special effects for “The Thing,” Lin Shaye who acted in “There’s Something About Mary,” Robert Kirkman who wrote and produced “The Walking Dead,” Len McLeod who produced “Monster School,” Camille Balsamo who acted in “Beautiful Creatures,” Craig Parker who acted in “Spartacus,” Dave Alpert who is an executive producer of “The Walking Dead,” Jeff Rector who wrote and directed “Revamped,” Valerie “Miss Saturn” Perez, and of course the amazing Talent Executive, Lana “Diva” Ford.

The tequila and conversation flowed like tequila. Enjoy!

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