Our Process

1. Origin Although the majority of tequila cultivation takes place in lowland regions, our agave is unearthed out of the highland regions of Jalisco. Climate and soil are the main differences between the lowland and highland areas. The mineral content of the highland soil is richer as it has had fewer generations grown on it. The daily and seasonal climate swings are also greater, causing the plant to expand and contract differently pumping the juice through the plant. This leads to a Agave Underground tequila that still has the intense agave essence but also maintains more of a floral characteristic.

2. Cultivation¬†The agave plant, cultivated on plantations in the state of Jalisco, generally takes about 7-10 years to mature. The tall, spiky plant, can grow up to 6 feet tall and weigh anywhere from 65 — 135 pounds. The heart of the plant, known as “la pina”, patiently grows underground, maturing the sugars, becoming riper and more flavorful. Pineapple shaped, the pina is the foundation of the plant and also the origin of the agave nectar. When ready for harvest, the agave harvester, known as “the jimador” unearths the plant and gets it ready for the cooking stage.

3. Cooking To produce 1 Liter of 100% Agave tequila, it takes about 17 pounds of agave nectar. Our Pina’s are split in half then steamed and cooked in state of the art stainless steel ovens, ensuring a clean, smooth agave flavor. Once baked and shredded, the liquids then flow into large steel vats to begin fermentation, a process that can take up to several days, creating a raw high quality spirit. Once fermented, the “juice” is ready for the distillation process.

4. Distillation Now ready for the distillation process, the liquid flows from the fermentation vast to the distillation tanks. Using precise temperature control, it then undergoes a double distillation process becoming a 100% agave base spirit after being followed up by our trade filtration process. Now that it has been distilled and filtered it can now be called Agave Underground Silver Tequila.

5. Aging In a carefully controlled process, similar to a fine wine, our reposado and anejo tequila’s are then aged in Jack Daniels Whiskey oak barrels. The tequila takes on a rich color and multitude of flavors with no additives or coloration resulting in a complex taste with a smooth finish.