Pinelope Cruz

Chris is a good friend of ours and we are excited to be working with Tia Juana’s in our backyard; Irvine, CA. He mixed up an extremely refreshing cocktail with a hint of spice that we found perfect for our Agave Underground Reposado. This drink is extremely easy to make yet has complex and subtle flavors that make the drink seem like it took 3 days and 4 nights to make. Plus with a name like Pinelope Cruz, you can’t go wrong. Cheers!


Add two slices Serrano Chiles
Add 5 chunks of pineapple
Add a pinch of cliantro
1/2 oz Agave Nectar
3/4 oz Orange Liquer
2 oz Agave Underground Reposado
Fill shaker with ice
Give it a 20 second shake

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