Want AU in your local retail location? Ask for it!

Agave Underground is expanding quickly and we need your help!  We appreciate your partnerships in helping us grow and evolve.  At the end of the day, we can’t do it without YOU!

Step 1: Visit your local retail location

Step 2: Ask for Agave Underground Tequila

Step 3: Let them know who distributes us in that state using the chart below

Arizona Southern Wine & Spirits
Colorado RNDC
Georgia RNDC
Illinois Stoller or Glazer’s
Indiana Glazer’s
Kansas Glazer’s
Louisiana Glazer’s
Michigan National Wine & Spirits
Minnesota Wirtz Beverage Group
Nevada Southern Wine & Spirits
New Jersey Allied Beverage Group
New Mexico Southern Wine & Spirits
Pennsylvania State Agency Stores
Tennessee Glazer’s (Memphis) all other areas Lipman Brothers
Texas Glazer’s

NOTE:  If you don’t see your state listed it means we have not been picked up yet in that state.  But you can still visit your local retail store and ask for our tequila and help create the demand!